Mia Mormino – Chatter

This song expresses the internal battle you have with yourself while deciding whether or not to do something you know you shouldn’t do. This topic can relate to a variety of situations leaving this track’s meaning up to your own interpretation. Sometime’s we have those “what if’s” that like to float around in our heads so I feel this piece is what they are moving around to. Always weigh out the pros and cons before doing something risky…that usually will give you a pretty clear path in regards to what you should do.

Mia Mormino is a 20-year-old up & coming pop sensation, dancer, model, songwriter, & certified MUA from Los Angeles, California. This force of nature began writing music at age sixteen when she started going through more difficulties in life, AKA growing up, in which she felt she needed a more direct outlet in regards to expressing herself. Fast forward to 2019 (Mia’s first year creating music professionally), where she wrote, recorded, & released 13 original singles, dropping at least once a month. Not only that, but Mia shot four music videos, & was the featured artist on five additional tracks with/for artists and producers located in cities from Los Angeles, California to Koszalin, Poland. Her work ranges from extremely vulnerable ballads touching on her past with eating disorders to enraged “F you” anthems that certainly give her listeners (& ex-boyfriends) a taste of just how crappy her relationships were. On that note, her hard work as the director, producer, MUA, choreographer, costume designer, & set location scout paid off when the eyes and ears of Billboard recognized her talent & featured her music video for the spicy single, “WTF is Going On,” on their highly accredited website. Shortly after, Mia’s touching tune, “Little Girl,” touched the hearts of 4.3 million fans on YouTube, putting her on the map in countries such as Netherlands, Hungary, & Israel. Currently, Mia is working on creating her first EP, which she’s planning on releasing in June of 2020.