New Artist: Kefa

Who is Kefa?!?

Kefa is a Louisiana native who began his musical journey at an early age as a part of the church choir. His childhood experiences in the church choir influence Kefa to begin songwriting and eventually, teaching himself to play the keyboard. Kefa credits his passion for wanting to learn how to write songs and sing came to his grandfather, the King of Northern Soul, J.J. Barnes. “I sit back from time to time and listen to some of his songs thinking to myself wow, this is definitely an accomplishment and also a motivational piece for me”.
In addition to his family background and life experiences, Kefa draws from other mainstream inspiration to craft his unique and soulful sound. Artist such as Fred Hammond, Boyz II Men, Jay-Z and Usher all have inspired Kefa’s versatility in songwriting and music production. In 2010, Kefa released his first project Soundtrack of My Life, collaborating with other independent artist such as Jimmy Chutes from Garden League, Career the Brain, Boogs Malone, Renzo Da Boss.
In the future, Kefa hopes to release more music, including the compilation project Geaux Boyz with various independent artists as well as his debut album entitled My Life…Through Music. With a full plate of projects lined up scheduled to be released in the near future, Kefa is destined to make a solid mark in the music industry