Swamp Music Players x Joseph Gearheart – Vacancy

Written and vocals/guitar by our Virginians featured artist Joseph Gearheart. A personal song of heartache and pathos drawn from his own life but set within the framework of our concept EP ‘555 Tiki Motel’ set within the context of a sun bleached motel in LA County during the 1980s. The EP ‘555 Tiki Motel’ was inspired by the Tiki Motel made most famous as a key location in the gritty B-movie he Terminator’. We felt the vibe to transpose our Americana and Swamp Rock songs to the last days of the internet. We had sent members down to the site of the Tiki Motel before its demolition to feel the impression and we had the track mixed and mastered in Detroit. Vacancy speaks to a sense of alienation but also an emotional humanism and connection that is becoming more and more rare in the digital age.