Swedish singer ‘Ralana’ released her new single ‘When The Sun’ on June 8, 2018

From the recording studio in Dubai, Ralana reflects on the gifts music has brought to her life. With the release of her new single “When The Sun”, Ralana confesses, “Music is the soul key and a united language we all speak, and feel, no matter our color, race, age, religion, or country of birth. We all understand music.” With this love and purpose, Ralana hopes the follow-up to her highly successful solo single “Money Talks” will place her in the EDM music echelon. It’s not often that an artist emerges with the combination of an unparalleled voice, a masterful musical ability and the mysterious understated Ralana that only legends like her possess.

When the sun’ an amazing electronic jam that blurs genre lines and exposes the enticing beauty she embodies, it portrays a catchy lyrics and a delicious Swedish beat that will lead you right to the dance floor. This single will be a plus to the much needed playlists that has suffered in recent years. “I love that moment when a soul listens to my song and gets motivated” says Ralana. This single is one that will uplift your soul when in a difficult situation. ‘When the sun comes round again I know the things just wouldn’t be the same’, will reminds listeners that no matter how dark it gets, how alone we feel, we should take refuge in the knowledge that when the sun rises darkness disappears.