The Best artist of the month : Brice Sedgwick

We have listened to all the songs of Brice Sedgwick, His sound is very original, we love his voice and his musical style!
This is the reason why we chose him as “Best artist of the month

These are his songs


Australian singer Brice Sedgwick follows up 2017’s critically successful debut, Pacifico, with Venice.

After living in London for 6 years, writing and performing stage and with other artists, he begun writing his debut album, Pacifico. Venice takes its musical cues from The Beach Boys, surf guitars, Marit Larsen, and themes of endless love.

You can tell immediately that Brice Sedgwick is someone to keep an eye and ear out for. His ability to genre bend with different styles, and still create a sonically cohesive sound is incredibly impressive. Every line is extremely vivid, especially when Sedgwick describes the feeling of knowing someone is the one, and yet you still hurt them; “waves crashing for eternity in Venice”, “glow in the dark boats on the ocean at night”, two lines that hit you right in the feels. This is extraordinary songwriting. Intimate pop with arena sized emotions doesn’t get better than this.

And this is why we chose Brice as The Best Artist of the Month. If you haven’t heard of Brice Sedgwick, you soon will.

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