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The Best song of the day – “Survivor by diggydash”

this is a track about my life, how nobody believed i will make it through music


still ya boi diggydash, so many critics, am glad i survived, am a survivor. 

Am loco, i spit rain to entertain vocally enriched to the brain, natural blood for rhyming, flowing in my vain beneath the flesh of my skin, introduction of my game, king seko gat the fame, your not to blame am in the game framed with my name, Diggydasg. the street is talking, he didn’t go to school is jobless, walks around town hopeless, they never visualized i had music in my head here in Nigeria i found it, at the extreme O.J ct were we don’t play with my knowledge i took it, look what it made me, had to produce a street trade mark with lattesttrent2you, the state vibing feeling alright, blend of African blood mixed with hip-hop, decoy we reign, socialize with the name, back again all day, rep the mic for OJ, street is jamming, music loud smoke marijuana cloud ready to buck-wild, everybody looking good, in the neighborhood, feeling the vibe, shawties wave hands around, noise everywhere dancing to the voice they recognized, Nigerians need music at it peak, diggy had to bring it back, with the loco smiles, guaranteed everlasting satisfaction in my music, heads feel it when i drop them hot beat vibrate entire era, element of suprise that rise, bringing it down to get your mind, pant sagging, tug dancing, OJ tug CT with tough reputations, Gs don’t give a ****, competition is a law of nature, time is everything. am a G like that instantly recognizable, had to work extra hard on my refining process done entirely by the mic, rough and rugged shit. past years hanging in the hood, talk shit bout, criticize me, gat wrong ideas when i smoke marijuana, they never saw the big pictures, challenges forced a tug to grow, never give up, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, it’s dangerous where i grew up, wanted to kiss it goodbye, figured out what to do to myself, hit the studio, time to teach another tug the trick to doing rap, great vibe, street taught me valuable lessons, do my best keep myself from falling, even when i walk by, this **** ignore me, heart broken, had to find my way under the sun so i can make my money, this is my story. 

there they go again, talking the-same bullshit, counting my hill of dollar bill. smiles. it’s a new dawn baby, awake into new money, it’s a new journey, a new celebration. that’s whats up.


released October 1, 2017
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