Zhengtronic Producer CICI Zhu is back on the scene with a brand new single “Drifter”


With her remarkable cross-cultural style and stunningly hybrid sound, Zhengtronic producer CICI Zhu broke major ground with her career through the release of her debut singles “Alive” & “Mirage,” as she introduced her professionally recorded material into the world last year. In 2021, CICI’s set to take her story in music even further, and ready to take listeners along with her on an audibly artistic journey unlike any other – her immaculate new single “Drifter” is officially out & available on every online platform for all to enjoy on June 11th.

Through a sensory experience that dives in-depth into enchanting spiritual & dreamy vibes, CICI’s latest song boldly observes the ever-growing distance that has divided us all, from the past to the present day. An insightful tale that fully dives into the concepts of how people all around the globe have drifted apart throughout history, relocating themselves in the process of searching for the meaning of life, broadened horizons, and a higher sense of self – “Drifter” is as thought-provoking & emotional as it is entertaining.

From the endearing sincerity of her angelic vocals, to the exquisitely unique sound of the Guzheng and the incredible textures & tones it brings to her Electro-infused music – “Drifter” is a powerfully poetic & perfect example of how CICI Zhu is gifted with an innate ability to create moments that move the mind, body, and soul as one. Join her for the official release of brand-new single “Drifter,” as CICI Zhu surges forward

with artistic integrity and addictive vibes, earning her place on your playlists, and in your heart.

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