Amazing song from Alex Costova – “Without You”

Alex Costova is an alternative pop recording artist from Taunton, Massachusetts. Alex’s
atmospheric sound creates a relaxing environment which is layered with catchy and soul-driven
lyrics over progressive electronic melodies. Alex began playing music from the early age of 8
and instantly began writing his own songs from that moment. As his music has progressed and
matured, Alex has partnered with talented engineers who have helped shape his music and
allow him to reach his full potential as an artist. Alex is currently working on his first studio EP
set to release this summer and has aspirations to score movies and short films.


“Without You” is the first single and studio release from Massachusetts-based alternative pop
recording artist, Alex Costova. This up-tempo track takes you on a journey along the electronic
beat combined with floating piano melodies, ultimately resolving with a catchy hook that will lift
your spirits. “Without You” encapsulates all that goes on in the mind when a person is in love.
The song provides inspiration to those who have the desire to move forward in love and
accomplish all that you dream of. “Without You” is out now and available on all streaming