Natalie Lucassian – “Restless” from the album 12:26

With this song out as part of the latest album, we are sure to hear more great things from the exciting and genuinely terrific Natalie Lucassian.

Natalie Lucassian is at once haunting and earth bound. She finesses between worlds, the biggest personality in the room and also your most trusted friend. Sonically, Natalie harkens to vintage soul while plotting a course for innovative alternative edge. She is Amy Winehouse reincarnated as Adele’s indie rock little sister. Hopelessly in love with her hometown of Detroit, Natalie’s unique mixture of commercial accessibility and unsettlingly authentic lyrics are the perfect seeds to plant in the fertile soil of a city poised to model for the entire world what powerful sorts of hope arrive when the reassuringly familiar is clothed in a captivating mystery.

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